Infuse some AI into Umbraco

With the rise of machine learning, affordable artificial intelligence is now available through APIs. In this talk I will introduce you to the world of Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs and show you how to integrate them with Umbraco. We dive into topics like computer vision, facial recognition and language understanding. With just a few lines of code we will infuse some AI into Umbraco.  

Join this session and don't get left behind in these exciting times.


Henk Boelman Azure Solutions Architect - Ordina

Henk Boelman works as an Azure Solutions Architect for Ordina in the Netherlands. He started out as a software developer in the late '90s and later moved on to the role of architect. Now he guides organisations in their cloud adventure, with a strong focus on cloud native software development. During these years, he has built and designed numerous web-based platforms for small and large companies. He loves to share his knowledge about topics such as DevOps, Azure and Cognitive Services by providing training courses and he is a regular speaker at user groups and conferences. Henk believes that with the rise of new interfaces, easy and affordable artificial intelligence and massive compute power there is going to be a revolution in the digital landscape in unimaginable ways.